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Tests Show Instagram Merging Into Facebook

New tests shows Instagram merging Into Facebook with users being given the opportunity to post stories between the platforms. It would appear that Facebook wants to suck some of the cool content created on Instagram into the big blue app. Now, you can watch Instagram stories without even leaving the Facebook app.

The Verge first spotted the trend. Although you have always been able to directly post photos from Instagram into the Facebook feed, this is the first example of the popular stories format being cross-posted.

Instagram Merging Into Facebook

Although it is only a test, Facebook have confirmed via a spokesperson that they are gaging the reaction and that the new update is inline with all their privacy laws on both platforms.

Some users are going to see this as a great way to get more reach to their stories. Facebook will also get more content and engagement on their main app. Having said that, there are going to be just as many people on Instagram who want very little to do with Facebook and certainly don’t want their stories being published there. Users must opt into cross-posting content.

The battle to own all the native content across the various platforms looks set to intensify. Prepare to see a lot more of Instagram merging into Facebook.

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